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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department is an advocate and watchdog for your brand, your assets and your reputation.

We use an innovative 3-level system to assure a solid foundation with customizable features.

  • Product Development
    Product evaluations to assure consistent, quality items that meet the brand owner’s expectations.

  • Product Specifications
    Specifications are the cornerstone of a good Quality Assurance Program. The document is developed and referenced to confirm continued compliance with brand standards and expectations.

  • Retail Product Evaluations
    In an effort to ensure ongoing, consistent quality, regularly scheduled evaluations are performed on products pulled from store shelves. This provides a brand owner a “snap shot” of the product after it has been through the distribution cycle and into the consumer’s hands.

Added Value Services

  • Consumer Concerns Department

  • Regulatory Compliance (including label and packaging reviews)

  • Recipe Development

  • WIC Compliance

Federated Foods Quality Control

For consumer concerns, please email

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