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With Inflation Hitting Historic Levels and Prices Continuing to Climb, Private Label is Back in the Headlines

∙ July 26, 2022 ∙

If you were like me, during the past couple of years, you found yourself wondering when the pandemic would end and everything would just “go back to normal”. The good news is, that although Covid is still around, it doesn’t impact our daily lives to the degree that it once had. Unfortunately, instead of going back to pre-pandemic conditions, you and I are now facing sky rocketing inflation, higher interest rates, labor shortages, lingering supply chain issues and increasing prices. Instead of the today’s weather, our conversations with friends and family usually start with how much we just paid to fill up our car with gas or what our shopping trip to the grocery store just cost us.

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New Website and Let’s be Social!

∙ August 23, 2022 ∙

Federated Group has exciting marketing advancements to share! We have a new, interactive website and several growing social media accounts. The website was re-designed with the goal of supporting and connecting with our suppliers and customers, as well as consumers online. We strive to not only highlight our brands and services but to be a bridge between consumers and our products.

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SailPointe, who are we, and where have we been? That is the question.

∙ September 23, 2022 ∙

Today's SailPointe leadership and talent has developed a seamless blend of a sound business strategy combined with impressive creative innovations to achieve effective client results. We discovered the simplest way to build sustainable designs and branding is to follow these simple rules.

Design is visual communication, right? For the most part, that simple definition is enough for the everyday person who appreciates its results. But like a great novel or song, there's much more to good design.

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